10 Interior Design Tips For Small Spaces

Designing a room can be a very fun and creative process as you get to add your own character and style to your home. When it comes to decorating your house, most people think of large living rooms and bedrooms. As they have the space to let your creative juices flow, however not everyone lives in a home with large living rooms or bedrooms and kitchens. Those who have smaller living spaces tend to have a hard time coming up with an interior design plan, due to a lack of space, that makes the space both fashionable and functional. Below are 10 tips to consider if you are going to start remodeling or decorating your smaller living area.

  1. Area Rugs – The saying “go big or go home” has significance when it comes to area rugs and small spaces. If you want to add this piece to your space you want to select a large extending piece that covers the majority of your rooms floor instead of a small rug. If you choose a small rug then you are only showcasing that you have a small living space. Larger rugs will add depth to your room while highlighting your flooring.
  2. Coffee Tables – We mentioned to think big when it comes to area rugs, however, you need to think the opposite for coffee tables. Large coffee tables can make a small living area feel cramped. Smaller tables or even a pouf with a tray on it will open the room up more for other additions.
  3. Neutral Walls & Bold Accents – With small spaces, some people feel they are missing out on feeling relaxed and at ease since their decorating options are limited. However, with light neutral walls or wallpaper, your room will feel spacious and airy. In addition, having a neutral colored wall or wallpaper will open up opportunities to add bright decor or accessories you have been eyeing for months.
  4. One Wall Color – We know design trends can be overwhelming with different views and opinions from interior designers. Even though these trends can be tempting, if you have a smaller space we suggest that you stick with the mentality of less is more. This is true for your wall coloring as bold accents may not work well if you have a small space. These accents can highlight the ending line of your wall showcasing how small your space really is. Go with one beautiful color to avoid announcing to visitors that your room is small.
  5. Curtains – Having a small space with windows are a major plus as you will have access to Mother Nature. In addition, they allow you to add curtains or other window treatments to your small space and make the room pop. Make sure to have your curtains or treatments open to prevent dark corners and open up the room with light. When hanging curtains, be sure to hang them as high as you can to show the full window which gives off the effect of having a larger room.
  6. Furniture Placement – Where you place your furniture can make all the difference. This is because you either have visitors eyes move around the furniture or stop abruptly at a line. To avoid the abrupt stop, be sure to keep your furniture off the floor and on legs. You will also want to leave space between your furniture and the wall as it will give the illusion that your space is bigger than it actually is.
  7. Storage Pieces – When it comes to small spaces, clutter and random knick knacks left all over the place can make your living area seem even smaller. To avoid this, invest in storage pieces that add charming effects to your room. Storage ottomans, bed frames with under-bed drawers, decorative baskets can make your space look bigger as well as making living in a smaller space more convenient.
  8. Mobile Furniture – After a while, you may get tired of the way your room has been designed and want a change. Lugging around heavy furniture is definitely a hassle even for those living in small living spaces. Opting for furniture that is mobile allows for the space to function as you need it as well as giving you the option to move furniture around with ease. Redesigning your room every so often opens a breath of fresh air as well as giving your small space a bigger feel.
  9. Utilize Vertical Space – When it comes to small spaces, most people only think about the horizontal out look when decorating. However, utilizing your vertical space is something you should consider to add more character and accessories to your room as well as opening up your smaller space even more. Use tall floating shelves, wall hooks and hanging lights to open up space in your small space.
  10. Mirror Mirror On The Wall – One of the oldest interior design tricks in the book, adding medium to floor-to-ceiling mirrors are a great way to open up space. As they will create the illusion of a larger more spacious room. If you want to add a little more spice to your room, use mirrors varying from shapes and sizes place in metallic or golden frames.

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